Emergency Shelter Assistant

St. Louis , MO 63101

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Position Description

1) JOB TITLE: Emergency Shelter Assistant – Temporary

2) AGENCY: St. Patrick Center

3) REPORTS TO: Manager, Women’s Night Program

4) DATE OF REVIEW April 2020

5) SUMMARY OF POSITION: Provides for the safety and care of the clients in the emergency shelter. *Note (Position is Covid-19 funding related) Time limited at 60 days with a possible extension

6) Responsibilities:
• Work between the hours of any day of the week 7am-3pm, 3pm-11pm or 11pm-7am
• Provides comfortable and safe environment for shelter residents
• Works with Shelter Manager to support client needs and success
• Monitors activities of residents and enforces shelter rules and policies
• Assist Sister’s Mission staff with daily shelter needs
• Keeps log and incident report to inform Manager and other assistants of daily events
• Provides crisis intervention and contacts emergency services when necessary
• Respects client confidentiality
• Respects and is responsible for agency policy regarding work hours, building security and all written personnel standards
• Ensures the trauma-informed care model in all interactions with clients and staff
• Finds replacement in the event of unexpected absence due to sickness or emergency

7) Direct Reports:
• None

8) Knowledge & Experience
• Minimum of High School Diploma
• Understanding of mental illness and substance abuse
• Willingness to learn and gain more experience in above areas

9) Skills and Attitudes
• Ability to handle difficult situations or people with calmness, respect and dignity
• Comfort and familiarity with client population
• Good communication skills
• Flexible attitude
• Genuine interest in clients and staff
• Capable of staying awake during shift

10) Relationships Required
• Reports to Manager, Women’s Night Program
• Communicates with case managers

11) Resources
• None

Type: Part-time