Housing Stability Counselor

St. Louis, MO 63101

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Position Description

The Housing Stability Counselor will ensure that the ICM Team will utilize Intensive Case Management and best practices in assisting veteran families to become stable and self-sufficient. Counselors will identify families and natural supports in the community, collaborate to develop a Family Housing Improvement and Stability Strategy, coordinate services for housing continuance, coordinate the involvement of providers and regional partners working in the home and community, and document all support related to activities and services.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Responsible for the completion of all ICM client Intakes, assessments and orientations
• Assess client strengths, desires and immediate/long-term housing needs
• Assist clients in developing family natural supports which exist in the community
• Conduct multiple interviews with clients to develop a Family Housing Improvement Strategy
• Contribute to the ideas and processes of the ICM team
• Reinforce long-term self-sufficiency and housing goals.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Provide in-home visits and follow-up for clients to address and assess stability
• Reinforce living skills taught in class and independent sessions.
• Work directly with veterans who require therapeutic interventions.
• Assist clients in scheduling and transportation to identified therapeutic interventions when appropriate assist with information and observation’(s)
• Assist families in identifying and obtaining family necessities such as food, clothing, transportation, healthcare, medications and housing needs (will work closely with the Financial Stability Counselor)
• Make in-home visits to observe indicators of the client’s progress
• Help veteran find suitable childcare near their homes (along with the Community Resource Counselor)
• Coach clients in learning the skills for problem solving and long range planning
• Make appropriate referrals either to SPC Programs and SPC Agency Partners

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Conduct follow-ups on all program placements and ensure documentation of progress is completed
• Cultivate strong relationships with the Department of Veteran Affairs and other agencies that are relevant to addressing housing stability.
• Refer clients to resources to address other service needs as well as official meetings to include transportation
• Responsibility for the completion and goal attainment of indicators as outlined in the grant and the Individual Service Strategy or Treatment Plan.
• Input client contacts, documentation and verification requirements into ECM
• Complete daily and monthly departmental paperwork
• Update daily client’s electronic files in the ECM to include any contact with clients
• Research additional benefits available to enhance services and promote stability
• Assist in all activities consistent with the daily duties of the ICM Team to include:
1. Daily recovery meetings (If necessary)
2. Home visits
3. Child programming (if necessary)
4. Family crisis
5. Ongoing housing stability
• Monitor monthly updates to all open clients from the ICM Team
• Monitor the processing of monthly updates and individual family expenditures as outlined in the grant requirements.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Keep an up-to-date and accurate list of all clients
• Responsible for the completion of departmental goals of case management as outlined by grants
• Responsible for maintaining records and statistics for the completion of the Annual Reports
• Assist with the coordination of agency-wide or seasonal projects such as School Supply Distribution, Thanksgiving Distribution, Christmas Distribution.
• Provide instruction in parenting and living skills classes as needed (crisis-only)
• Assist with various clerical duties as needed (crisis-only)
• Assist and complete special case management projects as directed by Department Management Staff

1. Knowledge And Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree in related area required, MSW preferred
• At least one year experience working with low-income or homeless individuals/families
• Experience with wrap-around services preferred
• Experience in conducting home visits and family-centered casework
• Understanding of area resources to provide quality referrals for individuals client needs
• Competent in cultural issues
2. Skills And Attitude:
• Respect and responsibility for the agency policy, including client confidentiality
• Excellent listening skills
• Understanding and empathy for the needs and concerns of low-income individuals
• Excellent spoken and written communication skills
• Ability to analyze problems and make sound decisions
2. Skills And Attitude continued:
• Excellent organizational skills
• Creativity in designing and implanting effective programs
• Able to give and receive useful feedback and instructions
• Ability to use Microsoft Office computer software
• Creativity, able to delegate task to or volunteer as appropriate
• Able to work independently and in sometimes high stress environments
• Available to work a minimum of 37.5 hours a week
• Reliable transportation is required

4. Relationship Requirements:
• Attend and participate in all St. Patrick Center and Skills Center meetings
• Participate on boards and committees related to the alleviation of veteran family poverty, homelessness and substance abuse
• The Department of Veteran Affairs