Rapid Resolution Specialist Case Manager - SSVF

St. Louis, MO 63101

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Position Description

Summary of Position:
The Rapid Resolution Specialist will work closely with Coordinated Entry Staff, SSVF Outreach and Case Management Staff in helping identify rapid resolution alternatives for Veteran’s from becoming literally homeless. These rapid resolution alternatives will focus on developing a rapid rapport with Veterans facing homelessness and developing a plan of action that may include possible temporary housing or permanent housing opportunities in the Veteran’s own network of family, friends or social supports.
The Rapid Resolution Specialists will also provide leadership, coaching/training and mentoring to coordinated entry personnel, and carry a caseload of Veterans eligible for rapid resolution services.

• Case manage Veterans who are eligible for Rapid Resolution services.
• Develop a firm understanding of and work within the Rapid Resolution Compliance Guidelines.
• Open to learning and curious about the Veteran’s family dynamics, communication styles, and cultural factors.
• Willing and able to think outside the box when searching for solutions.
• Possess a firm command of Conflict Resolution and Mediation skills.
• Possess a firm command of Motivational interviewing skills.
• Possess knowledge of Domestic/Intimate partner violence indicators and risk factors.
• Skilled at resource acquisition and making successful referrals, including effective follow up to ensure the Veteran was able to access the resource.
• Possess the Will to continue to try new approaches/solutions as the situation evolves.
• Possess excellent Time Management skills, i.e., patient with self and others and open to the time commitment needed for conversations and solutions to be effective.
• Comfortable dealing with ambiguity, tension and conflict.
• Empower Veterans to recognize and utilize their own strengths.
• Comfortable with negotiating terms of agreement between Veteran and host, i.e. actively seek employment, attend to medical/mental health/substance abuse issues, complete household chores, etc.
• Able to identify safety or health issues that may need to be considered during identification of housing.
• Possess strong Problem Solving techniques, i.e. solution focused, needs vs. desires.
• Communicate in a manner that facilitates coordination and alleviates opportunities for misunderstanding or confusion. Communicates clearly our commitment to the Veteran’s needs and choices.
• Remain empathic while staying on task and skilled in asking open ended and difficult/personal questions.
• Client centered and respecting self-determination.
• Record services provided in Caseworthy, and maintain client files in compliance with guidelines.
• Produce reports and administrative tasks as assigned.
• Possess a Missouri Class E Driver’s License (Mo. Residents only)
• Meet with other agencies to provide information on the SSVF Program and Rapid Resolution, to aid in receiving and making appropriate referrals.
• Respect and be responsible for agency policy regarding work hours, building security and all written personnel standards.

Direct Reports:
• None

Knowledge and Experience:
• College Degree, BSW, or related field preferred.
• At least 1-2 years of direct experience working with individuals with mental illness, substance abuse, and a variety of other issues.
• Ability to perform effective case management.
• Ability to follow, understand and meet grant requirements, including paperwork.
• Knowledge of housing and other supportive service resources.
• Available to work a minimum of 37.5 hours a week and drive long distances.
• Reliable transportation is required.
• Possess excellent computer skills.
• Ability to handle confidential information
• Ability to manage a large caseload.