SSVF Community Resource Counselor
Location: St. Louis, MO 63101

Position Description


This counselor will utilize wrap-around philosophy and techniques to assist veteran families maintain self-sufficiency and stability in the community. In doing so, the case managers will meet with the clients to identify family and natural supports in the community, collaborate with the clients, financial stability counselor, and the other case managers to develop an Individual Service Strategy/Housing Plan of care, coordinate individualized services for housing placement, coordinate the involvement of providers working in the home and community setting, and document all support related to activities and services.


Identify family and natural supports
 Conduct multiple interviews with the clients to help develop an Individual Service Strategy with the clients
 Contribute to the ideas and processes of the ICM team
 Assist with housing placement based on the desires of clients
 Work with the FSC to address long-term financial stability needs

Develop the Wrap-Around Support-
 Assess the client’s strengths, desires, and immediate/long term needs
 Develop or contact family and natural supports which exist in the community
 Collaborate with the Wrap-Around Team that was developed.
 Receive input from ICM team members regarding employment, housing, mentoring, substance abuse, and other immediate/long term needs.

Document all referrals or services provided to client into the ECM-system
 Complete daily and monthly departmental paperwork.
 Update daily clients’ electronic files in ECM and other required data bases to include any types of contact with clients, services,
or any internal or external referrals made.

Provide Case Management
 Adhere to the strategies and goals outlined in the ISS and Housing Goals
 Assist team members in addressing the needs of the client by providing supportive services such as, transportation, clothing, furniture, food, hygiene kits,
job referrals, or any other necessary referral (e.g., mentoring, substance abuse, mental health, advanced training opportunities, etc.).
 Coach clients to make solid, well-informed decisions.

Perform Outreach by -
 Refer client to additional resources to address other service needs i.e. legal assistance, VA benefits, SOAR services,
community substance abuse counseling etc.
 Research additional benefits available to enhance service being provided.
 Engage the client, the family, and natural supports within the community setting
(when feasible and desired by client).

Any other duties–
 As assigned by the Senior Manager, SSVF

Participation in at least one Agency Sponsored Fundraising event per year.


 College degree, BSW or related field preferred, or equivalent experience with proof of ability to perform effective case management
 Ability to follow, understand and meet grant requirements, including paper work
 Knowledge of housing and other supportive service resources
 Ability to engage and work with community agencies and programs
 Available to work a minimum of 37.5 hours a week
 Reliable transportation is required

 Ability to work well with a wide range of people in various settings
 Excellent computer skills and the ability to process large amounts of data
 Ability to handle confidential information
 Ability to remain calm in stressful situations
 Ability to manage a large caseload


 Reports to Senior Manager, SSVF
 Works with other case management staff
 Develops relationship(s) with client family and natural supports
 Works with other Employment Departmental staff
 Works with the staff in other SPC programs
 Networks with federal, state and local agencies


 ECM computer tracking systems.
 Various programs throughout the SPC Partnership Center.
 Client records and reports.
 Vouchers for transportation, clothing, food, furniture, and other needs.
 Clothing locker and the emergency food pantry
 Other resources as needed and identified

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