Substance Use Disorder Treatment Counselor

St. Louis, MO 63101

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Position Description

SUMMARY OF POSITION: To help program participants with substance use disorder and behavioral health issues identify behaviors and problems related to their substance use. Provide counseling services that allow clients to talk about, understand, and cope with problems. Help clients understand their addiction to alcohol, illegal substances, and unhealthy behaviors. Provide program planning to the substance use disorder treatment/counseling component of the ICM team as needed. Provide counseling and case management for clients in the Shamrock ICM drug and alcohol program and the Shamrock mental health program.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

• Maintain a caseload of clients on an ongoing basis
• Be responsible for compliance with contractual agreements
• Keep all certification, licensure requirements current
• Treatment planning for clients
• Individual counseling
• Research program gaps for the addiction component (i.e. gambling)
• Research and implement substance abuse evidence-based practices
• Case management services
• Crisis intervention services
• Facilitate 12-step meetings and education classes as needed
• Provide group therapy counseling
• Record keeping
• Provide training & supervision for SA state certification
• Participate in daily activities of Shamrock Club
• Keep all computer and paper data current
• Network with other related agencies
• Respect client confidentiality
• Respect and be responsible for agency policy regarding work hours, building security and all written personnel standards
• Ensure the care model by interacting with all other St. Patrick Center programs

Knowledge & Experience:
• Certification as a substance use disorder counselor preferred
• Bachelor’s degree or higher in counseling or social work preferred
• Have the characteristics of a culturally skilled counselor
• Self starter
• Flexible regarding job responsibilities
• Knowledge of area resources

Skills and Attitudes:
• Good interpersonal communication skills
• Good writing skills
• Good oral communication skills
• Personality suited for high stress environment
• Well versed in cultural issues, developing cultural competence
• Well versed in ethical issues in drug/alcohol counseling