Case Manager - Rosati

St. Louis, MO 63101

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Position Description

Oversee the daily care of residents in compliance with their identified treatment goals and assist in the implementation of treatment programs.
Oversee the daily operations of their assigned home. Responsible for all licensure guidelines and the overall census.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential

• Develop positive and therapeutic relationships with residents
• Have an awareness and understanding of diagnosis, medications and history of all Rosati Group Home clients
• Conduct intake assessments and record them
• Develop, implement and record an individualized treatment plan
• Input into the ECM all client information, goals, outcomes
• Keep Engagement Staff Supervisor informed of any staffing needs
• Complete required monthly paperwork
• Ensure that each resident has a current physical and TB screen in their chart before admission or within licensure requirements
• Oversee the daily log and assist in training staff how to document requirements
• Respond to all crisis/emergencies in accordance to agency policies and guidelines
• Assist administrator with maintaining and adhering to all licensure regulations
• Meet with each resident a minimum of one hour weekly to discuss goals and progress
• Assist in training and supervision of volunteers and students
• Monitor the MAR for accuracy and staff’s dispensing of medications
• Acquire required signatures on physician orders
• Facilitate and oversee the facilitation of group meetings as required
• Assist in on-going program development and improvement to include weekly and monthly scheduled activities and learning opportunities
• Assist in all areas of team operations
• Develop positive working relations with staff, outside agencies, referral sources licensure agencies and volunteers
• Arrange for site visits on client’s day programs
• Maintain an average percentage rate of 85% occupancy
• Perform any and all miscellaneous tasks as required, pertaining to job title
• Attend appropriate professional seminars as required

• MA, MSW Preferred
• Must be a Qualified Mental Health Professional
• Must have knowledge of mental illness, dual diagnosis and drug and alcohol addiction
• Must have knowledge of the Mental Health System, Department of Mental Health, Veterans Administration and
Supportive Community Living Program, Department of Health and Senior Services Regulations

• Able to comply with all licensure standards for an RCF I
• Respect client’s confidentiality
• Respect other staff and deal with them in a fair and reasonable manner
• Be an Agency Advocate