Part Time Employment Specialist

St. Louis, MO 63101

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Position Description

The Part-Time Employment Specialist, part of the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP) at St. Patrick Center, will work with the homeless veterans from the Bi-State (MO & IL) areas placing eligible clients into stable employment and housing. The employment specialist will utilize best practices to assess the basic needs of each client, make referrals as deemed appropriate, work to employ clients and monitor employment progress and retention. Individual counseling sessions will be held with all program clients.
Education Required: Bachelor's degree in either psychology, sociology or social work

Fulfill contract employment related goals and housing placement goals per month:
• Assessing at least 6 eligible veterans per month
• Enrolling an average of 5 eligible veterans per month into HVRP program
• Placing an average of 5 eligible veterans into program employment per month
• Working with SSVF team to ensure that an average of 3 eligible veterans are placed and tracked for housing each month
• Ensuring an average of 3 eligible veteran for training certification per quarter
• Other quarterly goals met as assigned by manager

Facilitate Job Readiness Classes:
• Teaching job readiness classes to all employment clients according to the content of the class schedule as structured by program manager

Perform job placement and job development:
• Meeting with client once a week until employed
• Working closely with client and his or her individual employment plan to ensure and maintain placement
• Cultivating strong relationships with area employers to ensure placement and retention

Conduct 30, 60, 90, 180 and 1 year follow-ups with placed client:
• Contacting clients and employers and recording content of contact of monthly follow-ups and case notes in Case Worthy; i.e., job retention; same job or different job, hourly pay, and/or job related information

Accurately input client information, documentation and verification requirements into files, Case Worthy database system:
• Completing daily and monthly departmental paperwork
• Ensuring files are compliant and up to grant standards and eligibility criteria
• Updating daily client electronic files to include any type of client contacts within 24 hours of services

Provide case management:
• Assessing initial program eligibility at intake
• Completing an Individual Employment Plan assessment and continually assessing and documenting client’s progress
• Assessing client training needs
• Meeting with client on a weekly basis
• Tracking client’s job interests and applications on a weekly basis
• Assessing transportation needs; providing time appropriate bus tickets/bus passes/gas cards
• Providing vouchers for necessary, job related new hire items including tools, clothing and shoes
• Assisting client in obtaining needed documentation such as IDs or Licenses
• Researching and providing job leads to clients on a weekly basis until placement
• Coaching client on successful job retention techniques
• Maintain client’s employment placement retention progress on regularly scheduled intervals

Perform veteran outreach:
• Developing relationships with MO and IL area service providers
• Searching for eligible veterans through MO and IL area service providers
• Recruiting eligible veterans
• Attending bi-annual Greater St. Louis Area Stand Down and benefit fairs
• Researching additional benefits available to enhance service being provided
• Referring client to additional resources to address other service needs, i.e, legal assistance, V.A. benefits, substance abuse counseling, etc.

• Other duties as assigned by manager


• Education Required: Bachelor's degree in either psychology, sociology or social work
• Ability to follow, understand and meet grant requirements including paperwork
• Ability to follow directions including structural changes and understand job description and duties
• Knowledge of employment, housing and other supportive service resources
• Ability to work with budgets

• Interest in helping veterans reach their full potential
• Ability to work well with a diverse and wide range of people
• Possess good math skills
• Ability to work with Microsoft Word, Excel spreadsheets, client centered databases and client and program centered data entry
• Ability to handle confidential information
• Ability to remain calm in stressful situations
• Ability to process a large volume of paperwork
• Have and maintain a positive work attitude
• Ability to organize, time manage and pay great attention to detail

• Reports to HVRP Manager
• Works with other veteran employment specialist staff
• Works with staff in other programs
• Networks with other federal, state and local agencies
• Works with HVRP clientele

• Job Readiness Class curriculum and materials
• HVRP housing assistance
• Veterans materials and programs
• Client records and reports
• Transportation, clothing, work tools and documentation assistance
• Emergency food pantry
• Other resources as needed

Type: Part-time