Peer Support Specialist

St. Louis, MO 63101

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Position Description


This Peer Support Specialist will act as role model to veteran families while working with Intensive Case Management. In doing so, the specialist will meet with the clients to help them meet their goals in collaboration with the Program Manger, Financial Stability Counselor, and the Substance Abuse Counselor and other SSVF case managment to track the success of their Individual Service Strategy/Treatment Plan of Care, coordinate individualized services and the involvement of providers working in the home and community setting, and document all support related to activities and services.


Lead one or more peer support groups
Contribute to the ideas and processes of the ICM team
Help individuals to indentify and work toward their goals
Work with the FSC to address long-term financial stability needs
Using a peer to peer approach, build rapport with persons in recovery.
Provide emotional and informational support for permanent housing
assessing the client’s strengths, desires, and immediate/long term needs
Develop or contacting family and natural supports which exist in the community
Receive input from ICM team members regarding employment, housing, mentoring, substance abuse, and other immediate/long term needs.
Encourage individual veterans within the peer group to develop their own skills
Help veterans learn self-advocacy.
Support veterans in recovery from mental illness, addiction or homelessness.
Help to identify person-centered strength and abilities.
Adhere to the strategies and goals outlined in the ISS and Treatment Plan
Being an advocate for the client
Coach clients to make solid, well-informed decisions which maintain housing.
Share relevant information with staff about health or psychiatric risk.

Perform Outreach by -
Refer client to additional resources to address other service needs i.e. legal assistance, VA benefits, community substance abuse counseling etc.
Research additional benefits available to enhance service being provided.
Engage the client, the family, and natural supports within the community setting (when feasible and desired by client).

Any other duties–
As assigned by the Manager.

Participation in at least one Agency Sponsored Fundraising event per year.



Preference will be given to a veteran who has been a consumer of mental health services.
The veteran must be willing to facilitate and mentor fellow veterans who are at risk of homelessness.
Available to work a minimum of 37.5 hours a week
Reliable transportation is required


Ability to act genuinely and honestly as a role model to other veterans
Ability to model good self-care
Ability to provide support and education
Signs of continual personal growth
Openness to learning new approaches
Willingness to take on new tasks
Ability to work in a team setting
Ability to set up and keep healthy boundaries
Capability to respect ethnic and cultural diversity
Good role model for others
Ability to handle confidential information
Ability to remain calm in stressful situations
Ability to collaborate flexibility with veterans and staff
Ability to maintain confidentiality and trust with
Attend training to develop skills as possible
Share knowledge with other veterans and staff


Reports to Manager, SSVF
Works with other ICM staff
Develops relationship(s) with client family and natural supports
Works with other Employment and Housing Departmental staff
Works with the staff in other SPC programs
Networks with federal, state and local agencies
Embracing of St. Patrick’s mission and the dignity and worth of all persons