Peer Support/Retention Specialist

St. Louis, MO 63101

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Position Description

JOB TITLE: Peer Support/Retention Specialist

AGENCY: St. Patrick Center

REPORTS TO: Manager of Employment Services, Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP)

REQUIRED EDUCATION: Must have a BA or BS in order to be considered for this position.


This Peer Support/Retention Specialist will act as role model to veterans while engaging and encouraging job retention and all duties that are involved. In doing so, the PS/RS will meet with the clients to help them meet their goals in all aspects of the program and make appropriate referrals, to provide a successful outcome for the veteran. The PS/RS will engage, develop, and maintain relationships with employers. The PS/RS will provide case management to track the success of their Individual Service Strategy/Treatment Plan of Care and coordinate individualized services.

 Using a peer to peer approach, build rapport with clients
 Outreach to and engage employers
 Lead one or more peer support groups
 Contribute to the ideas and processes of the HVRP team
 Engage all clients who are in the retention process and help clients remove barriers to job retention
 Must be able to accurately maintain a list of client retention bonuses and when they are due
 Help individuals to indentify and work toward their goals
 Collaborate with ES to address long-term financial stability needs
 Provide emotional and informational support for clients continually assessing the client’s strengths, desires, and immediate/long term needs
 Develop or contacting family and natural supports which exist in the community
 Receive input from ES and SSVF team members regarding employment, housing, mentoring, substance abuse, and other immediate/long term needs.
 Encourage individual veterans within the peer group to develop their own skills
 Help veterans learn self-advocacy
 Support veterans in recovery from mental illness, addiction or homelessness.
 Help to identify person-centered strength and abilities and job interests
 Be an advocate for the client
 Be able to take clients to and from doctor appointments if needed, job interviews, help them shop for interview or work required clothing, i.e., uniforms, work boots, tools
 Transport clients to appointments as needed
 Coach clients to make solid, well-informed decisions which maintain job retention and housing
 Share relevant information with staff about health or psychiatric risks

Perform Outreach by -
 Refer client to additional resources to address other service needs i.e. legal assistance, VA benefits, community substance abuse counseling etc.
 Research additional benefits available to enhance service being provided
 Engage the client, the family, and natural supports within the community setting (when feasible and desired by client)
 Search for available jobs close the area of veteran client housing placement

Any other duties–
 As assigned by the Manager.

Participation in at least one Agency Sponsored Fundraising event per year.

 None

Preference will be given to a veteran who has been a consumer of mental health services.
The veteran must be willing to facilitate and mentor fellow veterans who are at risk of
 Available to work a minimum of 37.5 hours a week
 Reliable transportation is required

 Ability to act genuinely and honestly as a role model to other veterans
 Ability to model good self-care
 Ability to provide support and education to veterans and employers
 Must be able to organize self in order to maintain case notes and all other paperwork as required
 Openness to learning new approaches
 Willingness to take on new tasks
 Ability to work in a team setting
 Ability to set up and keep healthy boundaries
 Capability to respect ethnic and cultural diversity
 Ability to handle confidential information
 Ability to remain calm in stressful situations

 Works with employers as liaison for employment provisions
 Works with other program staff for the benefit of the client outcomes
 Works with other Employment and Housing Departmental staff
 Networks with federal, state and local agencies
 Embracing of St. Patrick’s mission and the dignity and worth of all persons

Type: Full-time