Program Assistant - ACT

St. Louis, MO 63101

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Position Description

This position provides clerical support for Mental Health Programs - ACT

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

• Complete data entry for ACT
• Prepare and file records for ACT
• Prepare template for daily staff assignment schedule (actual staff assignments completed as a team in morning meeting)
• Order necessary supplies for Behavioral Health Programs - ACT
• Update and keep an inventory of all forms used by Behavioral Health Programs - ACT
• Maintain and report daily census of ACT clients
• Prepare monthly billings on database and maintain all informational databases regularly
• Collect necessary data and prepare reports as needed
• Prepare letters to request medical records and client authorizations and maintain log of requests and records received
• Design and maintain forms
• Maintain client files and complete filing regularly
• Order and maintain supplies and equipment
• Operate and coordinate the computer management information systems for the program
• Answer telephone and attend to client and staff issues in a timely and courteous manner
• Manage scheduling of client’s appointments with team psychiatrist and RN
• Maintain a pattern of regular work hours
• Sort and record all client mail
• Miscellaneous support duties
• Deescalate clients as needed and communicate situation to team
• Respect client confidentiality
• Respect and be responsible for agency policy regarding work hours, building security and all written personnel standards
• Ensure the care model by interacting with all other St. Patrick Center programs

Direct Reports:
• None

Knowledge & Experience
• Minimum education requirement Associate’s degree
• Understanding of mental illness and substance use

Skills and Attitudes
• Proficiency in data entry and typing using Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
• Organizational skills
• Proficiency in written business communications
• Detail oriented
• Reliability and honesty
• Respect for clients and staff
• Positive support for Behavioral Health Programs

Relationships Required
• Report to and work with Manager of Behavioral Health Programs - ACT
• Ability to work with St. Patrick Center Staff and to be available to assist all staff when and where needed
• Participate in all appropriate St. Patrick Center meetings
• Attend appropriate seminars